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Why buy water when you can buy shampoo?

EarthKind Shampoo Bars are waterless and plastic-free

By now, most people in the UK are aware there's a big problem with plastic. But even this knowledge hasn't been enough to change the tide within consumerism.

A 2020 study has suggested the UK throws away an average of 520 million shampoo bottles every year and that 83% of the population are confused about what can be recycled, and what cannot. A worrying prediction is that by 2050 plastic waste will have tripled with more plastic occupying the oceans than fish.

Plastic waste in the oceans. Plastic-free shampoos. Sustainable Haircare.
But there's a problem with liquid shampoos that goes beyond plastic pollution.

On average, liquid shampoos contain 75% added water. It leaves just 25% active ingredients that clean, or improve the condition of the hair and scalp. But why?

Water, or aqua as it is displayed on the back of the pack, is the cheapest and easiest ingredient. It creates weakened products, with higher profit margins.

- Adding water dilutes the active ingredients
- Adding water adds weight which increases the carbon footprint involved in transportation around the world
- Adding water increases the size of the product - it means more unnecessary plastic packaging and again increases the carbon footprint

"it's the way it's always been done"

But not anymore. 

EarthKind - Plastic Bottle To Sustainable Bar - Animated GIF
Each 50g EarthKind Shampoo Bar is equivalent to two 250ml plastic bottles of regular liquid shampoo. EarthKind bars are highly concentrated, made with 100% active ingredients, and zero added water. It means one little bar, goes a very long way. 

Our bars are easy to use, lathering just like a liquid, and leave hair feeling soft and manageable. 

EarthKind are:

✅ Plastic-Free
✅ Cruelty-Free
✅ Sulfate-Free
✅ Sustainable
✅ Made with natural ingredients
✅ Ethically Sourced
Award-Winning Brand
✅ Press-approved
✅ Developed by a leading UK Hair Scientist 
✅ Made in the UK