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FAQs - Products

What makes EarthKind different from other shampoo bars?

To make the EarthKind Shampoo Bars we take gentle, naturally derived cleansing materials made from coconuts and blend them with organic oils like avocado and coconut, and therapeutic oils like tea tree and eucalyptus.  We then incorporate into them a natural and highly effective conditioning agent made from sugar, and usually only found in high quality skin creams, to create superb shampoo bars that are not only gently but efficiently clean your hair with a nice conditioning effect.

Can EarthKind be used on all hair types?

There are three different EarthKind shampoo bars. Bergamot & Sage for dry and coloured hair. Citrus Leaf for frequent use on oilier or more regular hair. And Tea Tree & Eucalyptus which is very good for improving the health of the scalp with these two natural, anti-microbial oils. EarthKind products are also formulated to have excellent effects on both African and Asian hair.

Is EarthKind suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians?

Yes. We only use materials derived from plants, and all the formulations are of vegan standard.

Do EarthKind shampoo bars contain parabens?

No. All EarthKind products are paraben free.

Are EarthKind shampoo bars tested on animals?

Absolutely not. We are totally against animal testing. EarthKind products are dermatologically tested on human volunteers.

Where are EarthKind products made?

EarthKind shampoo bars are manufactured in the UK.