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Only One Earth

At EarthKind® we are very aware that we only have one planet, and that planet has finite resources, so we can’t just take what we want, do with it want we want, and think there is no price to be paid. That price is already being demanded.

We see the terrible scenes of plastic pollution in the seas, and the upsetting sights of animals, birds and fish caught in or being choked by plastic. But that’s just the visible horror.

The horror which we are inflicting on our children, their children and children in one thousand years’ time are the micro and nano plastics which we are putting into this planet’s fragile ecosystem. As yet we don’t fully understand the damage it will cause, but it’s likely to be enormous.

EarthKind® wants to make a difference, and we think we can. We use plastic-free, sustainable and ethically sourced materials in natural formulations. In the great scheme of things, EarthKind® can’t do much, but we can do something, and we are.