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Customer Reviews

Great for my curly hair and for the environment. I haven’t been using anything else either to condition, it leaves my hair really soft afterwards.

Jeanette D

This product is nothing short of amazing. I’m so happy with the result. It leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean. M my hair is long and it is so much easier to comb through after it’s been washed. I’m very Impressed with this product!


I have been using this for a couple of months now and I’m very happy with it. Lasts for a long time. My hair feels healthy and shiny. Doesn’t dry it out but it doesn’t feel greasy either- it’s just right. Overall it’s a great product.

Jane S

Call off the search! I have tried several shampoo bars over the last few monthes and all have left waxy residue in my thick wavy hair. Nearly gave up but glad I didnt! Read the reviews of this bar and very positive so gave it a whirl! Wow. I have found you!


Great little miracle worker for itchy, dry heads. Brilliant little thing. Cleared up my itchy scalp and my sons dry scalp after just one use. Like a tiny blue miracle. Smells nice, like a clean smell. Here it is after several uses, and it has several left I think. Very impressed. Will buy this again!


I had a scaly itchy scalp for a long time, I used this shampoo bar twice and my scalp's already very much better. Very pleased!


I occasionally get an itchy/flaky scalp and I found this shampoo to be very soothing. I also love how it comes in a cardboard box, so reducing my plastic waste. The bar of soap style lasts much longer than liquid shampoo to. Easy to just lather what you need, so less waste. Highly recommend this product.


Love this product. It leaves my hair clean but not stripped, get lots of use out of the bar and smells amazing. I am trying all three different bars to get the right fit, really enjoying this product so pleased I found it!

Christopher Lane

Best shampoo bar ❤️ I have curly hair and it was very difficult for me to find a shampoo bar that will not leave them dry... but this one worked perfectly! It is very efficient and plastic free :) I highly recommend it.