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How To Use The EarthKind Organic Comb

The perfect comb technique. 

The fact is, brushing and combing hair can cause extensive hair damage and breakage.

Hair, particularly long hair, tends to knot. To remove any tangling of the hair, most people will grab a brush or a comb and start going through their hair with it and, in effect, break their hair.

Top Tip. Gently tease out hair knots - do not force them out. If a battle ensues between hand and hair, your hand will win, and your hair will break.

A hair knot caused by cuticle scale damage

Above is an example of such a knot in the hair. When hair is dry or damaged, cuticle scales on the surface do not lay flat against each other. When this happens, hairs tend to easily snag with those around them, forming knots such as this. 

So how should I brush and comb my hair without causing damage?

Check out our step-by-step guide to the perfect comb technique.

  • Use a high-quality wide-tooth comb - this is by far the best way to remove knots and tangles in your hair
  • Hold the comb quite loosely in your hand - fingertips are best (think chopsticks, a pen, or a pair of scissors - NOT an axe)
  • Starting at the very ends of your hair, begin to comb gently
  • If you come up against any resistance (knots or tangles), very gently tease it out without any great force
  • Combing downwards, slowly work your way up the hair until you can comb from the scalp to the ends of your hair
  • The more gentle you are, the least amount of damage you incur

Can I comb or brush wet hair?

Hair stretches far easier when wet, and although ok to allow gentle pulling, hair will become damaged if stretched too far, so always be careful not to comb too hard when your hair is wet. 

Top Tip. Before washing hair, comb through to remove any tangles.

After washing and conditioning your hair, pat it with a towel to gently absorb much of the water. Then comb through your hair, remembering to start at the bottom and gradually move upwards, using the step-by-step guide above.

Can I use a brush instead of a comb?

A wide-tooth comb is by far the best tool for detangling and for post-wash use. For styling, a good quality brush is fine. Remember to keep any hot hairdryers at least 15cm (6in) away from your hair to prevent heat damage. If you are using a hair straightener afterward, keep it moving over your hair at quite a fast speed - this prevents any section of your hair from becoming too hot and damaging your hair. 

The EarthKind Organic Comb is made from vulcanised natural rubber and precision designed to ensure the upmost care for your cuticles. The perfect comb for the perfect comb technique.