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Hot Hair Summer - 3 Summertime Haircare Tips

Keeping hair healthy in the heat can feel like an endless battle. We’re told that heat = damage, so when the sun comes out and the beach looks more appealing - how do we protect our locks from the heat of the sun, as well as the hairdryer and the curler?

Less Heat 

If you are washing your hair frequently throughout the summer, it’s worth leaving the hairdryer off altogether. Providing you’re not in a rush to get out of the door, there is plenty of heat in the air to dry your locks naturally - without subjecting them to harsher hair dryer heat. For those with longer hair, keep it loose and flowing after your wash and allow it to dry naturally while you dive into the rest of your self-care routine. Shorter hair may benefit from a quick towel dry too. Science tells us that we should wash our hair as sparingly as 3 or 4 times a week, but for those frequent beachgoers, sea dippers and sports lovers, our Citrus Leaf Shampoo Bar for Frequent Use is a beach bag must-have. 

Always Condition!

Sun exposure can cause split ends, brittleness and dryness in much the same way as frequent hair dryer use. To turn the tide, a good conditioning treatment is an absolute must. Our hair produces oils naturally, but a good conditioner can help supplement these natural oils with other ingredients that can help repair and maintain shine and sleekness. Our Pre-Wash Conditioning Treatment Bar is made with Elastin, that penetrates deep into the hair to nourish, strengthen and increase flexibility. It also contains Macadamia butter, organic coconut oil, and other proven natural hair strengthening plant proteins. While it’s suitable for all hair types, it’s perfect for dry, brittle, or damaged hair. 

Wide In The Tooth

Try using a wide tooth comb rather than a brush to style and straighten your hair post-wash. Brushes can snag and snap brittle hair more easily when wet, yet a good wide tooth comb can be just as effective but much more gentle. For our recommendation, the Earthkind Organic Comb is built and backed by science to get you out of a tangle. Durable organic rubber ensures teeth won’t separate and cares for protective cuticles. Along with precision laser saw cutting to remove sharp ridges for perfectly smooth teeth that glide like silk.