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Free award-winning Shampoo Bar - Take your first step towards sustainable haircare

Free award-winning shampoo bar offer

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We are so thrilled to have converted the beauty experts at Beauty Bible, now we'd love to convert you!  We understand investing in new brands is always daunting but let us take the "shall I, shan't I" out of your decision. 

As a special thank you for being here, we'd love to offer you your first shampoo bar for free. All we ask is for you to cover the £1.50 UK postage.

Designed to give real results to both your hair and your footprint, it begs the question, why buy diluted products in plastic bottles, when you can try 100% active shampoo for free?

Why buy water when you can buy shampoo?

Kind to your strands - Kind to the planet - 🌍❤️

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Formulated by our founder, leading Trichologist, and award-winning cosmetic scientist Tony Maleedy, the health of your hair is at the heart of what we do. 

Whether it's oily, greasy hair; itchy, irritable scalps; or dry, damaged hair. We have each strand covered.

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5. Pay for p&p (only £1.50 for UK)
6. Enjoy your bar!

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